Dec, 2023 Honored to be the student speaker at the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering’s winter graduation celebration. I focused on our responsibility toward the public on designing responsible and inclusive AI (News Story, Video).
Nov, 2023 Successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation titled “Cooperative Multi-Agent Autonomy Under Communication Uncertainties for Aerial Robot Fleets”.
Oct, 2023 Gave an invited talk at the University of Cambridge, UK. Thanks for inviting me, Prof. Amanda Prorok.
Aug, 2023 Gave an invited seminar at Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing. Thank you for a wonderful day, Prof. Gombolay and the CORE robotics team!
Jul, 2023 Presented our work at RSS 2023, and the Workshop on Multi-Agent Planning and Navigation in Challenging Environments (MultiAct) in Daegu, South Korea.